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Learn Perfect English (Grammar, Reading, Listening and Speaking) – from basics to Pro level – Audio/visual Practice incl

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Remote education at home during epidemic. Young man explains rules of English for students, standing
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You may be a Casual visitor,orYou are now aware of the importance of English communication.Congratulations! As taking the first step is always the most necessary event in any change.

“This course will help you develop your English (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing) skills to the professional level’.

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Five Point Efficiency of this course:

1. This Course is about perfect English Communication for Day to day formal and informal usage of English language in both Written and Spoken aspects.

2. Perfect and Best practice for beginners and intermediates to enrich their skills in various aspects of English Language in a easy way.

3. The duration of this course ranges from 45 days to 60 days depending on the student’s ability to understand and the amount of practice a student requires.

4. The structure of this course is designed with common ability of students in mind. Firstly the course starts with Grammar basic rules that are required for proper communication followed by Reading Skills – to enable them understand the usage of the grammar, Listening Skills – to enable them develop listening efficiency, usage and accent, Speaking Skills – to enable them speak easily and fluently.

5. As this course follows KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) technology of teaching, the understanding, practice and implementation activities of students are more productive

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